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i have no life!!!!...seriously!

its like 1:30 am and im sitting in their spare bedroom. amanda is asleep im guessing and im just sitting in here
all by myself. its kinda spooky, but the bed is tight! its big as shit, i can do any thing on this bed.
i might just do a fucking backflip!!lol...ummm and oh yeah...
ive finally found a really good wireless signal for my laptop, i found it while in "banana's" bathroom..lol.
its tight nigga!
if you havent tried wireless then you havent tried the internet!!!
damn im a lame ass!!!
uhhhh.......this room has a really tall ceiling and a nice closet. i would like to have a room like this one, it would be cool.
the only two things that i dislike about this room is one: theres no phone! and two: the curtians on this window are hideious!!!
anyways im just blabbling on andi should go to bed sooo...see ya.
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